Coach Chloe

I help women to feel happier and more confident in mind and body.

Women aren’t great at putting themselves first and it’s easy to lose your way and end up feeling stuck in a mental, emotional and physical rut.

Whether you’re working crazy hours, running around after young kids or grumpy teens, caring for parents or dealing with menopausal symptoms, you’ve probably forgotten how to look after you

Through my bespoke range of 1:1 or group sessions, you will:

At the heart of my approach is mindset change. I firmly believe that it’s only by building new habits that you can embrace lasting change and move out of your comfort zone. Because that’s where the magic really happens. 

Are you ready to put yourself first?

1:1 Life Coaching

Women deserve to feel the best they can. My aim is to empower you  to put yourself  first, to learn to rebalance your life, to feel better, perform better and live life with more confidence and zest.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Over the course of 8 weeks, this bespoke  programme will build new habits to support good health and wellbeing by gradually adopting a healthier way of eating and a new way of thinking about food. 

1:1 Personal Training

With over 20 years’ experience as a fitness professional, Bootcamp instructor and Pilates teacher, I can help get you moving – and enjoy it!

Mind & Body Makeover

If you want to get back to feeling more happy, confident and balanced – the 90 day mind and body makeover plan is for you.

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Corporate Wellbeing

The uncertainty of the last few months has been unsettling for even the most resilient of us and corporate wellness has never been so important, with many people continuing to work from home and suffering physical and mental stress.

Chloe Stephens

I’m Chloe and I’m a Lifestyle Coach specialising in helping women to balance their lives and to adopt a stronger mindset, to feel happier and more content in life.

I’ve spent much of my life comparing myself to others, striving for perfection and doubting myself and my abilities. Unsurprisingly, this led me to feeling deeply unhappy and suffering low self-esteem.

So, following a long career in fitness that started when I was a single mum, I decided to branch out and study nutrition, habits and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I soon found that I was able to not only believe in myself more – but to better equip and empower other women to recognise their own strengths, to become happier and more successful in life, in work and at home.

My clients say it best

There’s nothing I love more than working with amazing women who have made the decision that ‘enough is enough’ and are ready to embrace lasting change.