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“Our body consists of approximately 60% water”

I think we’re all aware that hydration is important.

If more than half of our body consists of water, it surely shows how important it is for us to live?

Keeping our water levels topped up will help us function much better and give us more energy, more focus and less cravings throughout the day too.

If we lose about 2% of water levels from our body, we begin to notice the effects of dehydration. Our body temperature cannot be regulated as easy, fatigue starts to set in and we begin to find tasks tough both physically and mentally.

Yet many of us do not begin to re-hydrate until we feel thirsty and that could be when we’re at 5 to 10% water level loss. 

What do you drink when you’re feeling dehydrated?

Tea? Coffee? Pop?

Can you see why your energy levels may be low throughout the day?

Can you see why you feel fatigued?

Keeping hydrated is a pro-active task throughout the day.

But it’s a habit many of us aren’t used to and so we fall back into the old reactive habit of drinking the wrong things when we’re thirsty.

So, in order to help you start feeling better, lets get this new hydration habit going.

How much should you be drinking?

Well that all depends on how much you sweat. 

An athlete can lose up to 10% of water levels through their training routine, so they would need to drink a lot more water than most.

With the typical UK climate, a regular person should aim to drink approximately 1.2 litres of water per day. 

Increase during hotter days and increase more if you exercise.

As a rule, if you aim for 2 litres during the day, you should be sufficiently hydrated.

Get yourself a 1 litre water bottle and mark the hours of the day on the side of it with a permanent marker. Keep on top of it and top it up over lunch for the afternoon session.

You can even buy water bottles that are pre-marked with times of the day on it.

Get into the habit of having a glass of water as soon as you wake in the morning. Even better, add some fresh lemon slices to help not only re-hydrate yourself in the morning but also to help detox your body too.

As with all new habits, it’s difficult to implement at first, but after about 3 days continuous practice, the habit will become much easier to manage. After about 60 days continuous, your new habit will become almost automatic and won’t require much effort at all.

So, if you want more energy, more focus and less fatigue, get drinking that water!