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“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose”

When we sleep, our body goes into a state of recovery and our mind starts to file away the experiences of the day.

We all feel like there’s not enough time in the day and when we are so busy, sleep is sacrificed.

But if you continue along that path, you will come to a point when you feel so tired, so exhausted and so miserable that you will not be able to continue on your journey and your goals will not be reached.

We need to ensure sleep is a number one priority.

We need to feel energetic in the morning to continue with our journey fresh.

We need to have our thoughts filed away effectively ready to take on a whole new day of experiences without it becoming overwhelmed.

So, how can we ensure our sleep improves? How can we get a better night sleep? How can we wake refreshed and recharged?

Find out how much sleep you need. Somewhere between 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended for most people. Aim for 7 hours to begin with and see how you get on.

Set a schedule of bedtime and wake up time that you can stick to routinely. Once your body begins to recognise this routine it will naturally begin to expect it and prepare itself for sleep. As well as naturally waking you up in the morning.

Stick to this schedule, even at the weekends. After about 60 days of routine, it will become more and more natural.

Have a bedtime ritual. Do something relaxing before bed which you can do away from bright lights and electronic devices. Don’t engage in activities that will cause excitement or generate ideas. This will prevent your brain from switching off. If you read, choose light fiction over a self-development book.

Also steer clear of anything that may cause anxiety or stress. These thoughts will impact on your mind and keep you from settling throughout the night. The brain doesn’t fully understand a false thought (such as fear from watching a horror movie) from reality and it will process this thought as if you have lived the scene.

A bath is an ideal way to unwind. Pop some epsom salts in and enjoy a cup of sleepy herbal tea.

Turn off electrical items at least half an hour before bed and don’t look at them again. Put your mobile phone on charge in another room outside of your bedroom.

If you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone in the evening, consider using blue light blocking glasses. There’s been lots of study into these. The coloured lenses help block blue light entering into your eyes which is emitted from the screens of electronic devices. Blue light makes your brain think of daytime and if you continuously expose yourself to blue light, your brain will keep wanting to stay awake more.

As with any new habit, implement one small change at a time. If ou try and do everything at once, it will be too much to implement and you’re more likely to fail.

Find one new habit you can do to help your improve your sleep and get started. Add something new each week and take small steps to massive improvement.

My fist step advice? Buy a traditional alarm clock and remove that phone from your bedroom.