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“Happiness is a state of mind…”

Our primitive mind is naturally drawn towards negativity which begins to fill us with fear and tries to stop us doing things that are dangerous.

It’s a protective mechanism necessary for survival.

However, the subconscious mind doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t.

It takes in everything we do and programs it into our stored memories which triggers thoughts and emotions.

Because of this, many of us find we feel unhappy at so much that happens around us.

We’re filled with negativity from the news. We’re subjected to drama from what we watch on TV and which also happens in real life.

We tend to over-react to situations and that’s because we are unaware of the negative cycles we subject our mind to and fall further and further into this negative spiral, leaving us miserable, unhappy, deflated and uninspired to take action.

The key to breaking this cycle, and ultimately helping us feel more positive, happy and energetic is to become aware of our thoughts.

Once we become aware, we can consciously and purposefully think of a more positive thought or action to take.

It’s not an easy process and the brain needs to be retrained, but trust me, once you decide to choose more positive thoughts and continue to do so, your brain will start to automatically find it’s own positive cycle.

So, when you’re triggered, feeling upset, angry, hurt, guilty or any other negative thought… be aware!

Stop, take a moment and purposefully think of something positive. Maybe even a happy memory from the past.

Taking a moment to stop and think positively can be enough just to prevent you falling into that negative cycle and taking negative actions.

As you become more aware, you’ll better be able to analyse the situation and see that maybe you’re over-reacting or someone is acting out of fear. You’ll be able to stop the drama continuing for your benefit. And you’ll not carry as much emotional weight around.

The world is full of positivity too and we’re now more able to find wonderful, happy and heart warming stories to fill our brain with.

Ditch the negative input to the brain which includes news, drama’s and violent films. Instead, watch documentaries, inspiring true stories. You’ll find there’s people all over the world who’ve overcome adversity to live a happy and positive life.

Listen to music that makes you feel alive or relaxed. Music can have an amazing and instantaneous impact on how we feel in that moment.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, take some time out to breathe. When we become stressed our breathing becoming short and shallow, the stress has nowhere to go. But by taking 10-12 deep breaths, making the out breath longer than the in breath, the body’s natural relaxation response kicks in, the heart rate slows, lowers the blood pressure and helps to relieve those stressful feelings.

Take moments throughout the day for yourself. Take yourself away from situations that are stressful. Take breaks away from your desk at work. Take some time for yourself away from the kids at home. This time for you will allow you to process and be aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Some people practice meditation for this reason. It’s a time for you, to become aware of thoughts, to mindfully breathe. Meditation doesn’t have to be done sat cross legged, pinching your fingers and omming! Meditation is a process to become aware. You can add music to help feel relaxed. You can do it while walking in nature. Whatever is relaxing for YOU. 

Having a journal of your thoughts at the end of the day can be a good starting point to become more aware of how your feeling. Just write down how you’ve felt when something has happened during the day. Then consider what you could do to stop that thought. How can you take that time to pause, reframe and purposefully thing about something positive?

As you practice, you will see that you find this process much easier to do. You will find yourself becoming more and more happier, positive and energetic naturally.

As with any new habit, don’t try to change everything at once. Change one small thing and stick to it daily. After approx 60 days of consistently doing your new habit, the mind will start recognising this habit and begin to process it automatically, making it an easier process.

This is how long lasting changes are made, one small consistent step at a time…

What will you start with TODAY?